Bigband '81

BIG BAND ’81 is a Dutch orchestra from the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands, consisting of musicians from all over the southern region. The band is established in Venlo 19 enthousiastic musicians will make your evening an unforgettable one, with music of the past and the best arrangements created by composers that are known world-wide. The orchestra is a authentic big band consisting of 3 wind sections and a complete rhythmical section. Last but not least the band has a vocal group, which 3 members go solo as well. The programme represents many different styles, varying from swing to rock and from latin to disco and jazz. This enables BIG BAND ’81 to perform on a great diversity of occasions. The band regularly performs at business parties, receptions, jubilees and big weddings. You can hire the band as a show orchestra, dressed up in a dinner jacket, or more casually, as a jazz orchestra with a big or a small combo section. Besides of the festive occasions the band also often manages high quality projects, home and abroad, with famous artists like Ack van Rooijen, Klaus Osterloh, John Marshall, Paul Vaes, Ronald Douglas and Pussycat.